Press | Cosmo Bride

I never take it for granted seeing my work being published. It still makes me feel like a little kid and I hope those butterflies never go. What also makes me so excited is how happy it makes my clients; to see their own wedding inspiring other brides in a magazine they themselves read is a lovely way to bring their day full circle. Corinne and Ben’s wedding was a fabulously rock’n’roll affair, and a big thank you goes to Miranda and the team for featuring it in Cosmo Bride.

Sadly, the next issue of this brilliant mag will be its last. Uncertain times for print means titles must bow out of the race. I’ve just joined the 21st Century and bought an iPad, but I still love to get cosy on the couch with a cup of tea and a favourite magazine. Seeing printed pictures and the smell of the ink make me happy. That Apple tablet might be the way of the future, but I’m going to keep putting my hand in my pocket for my favourite titles for as long as possible.


  • Congratulations on appearing in the last ever edition, shoot looks fantastic.