Film Friday | A Firenze love affair

Nothing prepared me for Florence.

In spite of my having had an obsession with this city for the past 20 years, studying Art History at college just so I could take in its past, despite the endless re-watchings of A Room with a View, it still took me by surprise.  I could enthuse for hours, but instead I’ll have another listen to this and imagine myself back in Piazza della Signoria, watching the Italians and their beautiful world go by.

Oh New York, you have a close contender for my very favourite city.

  • Terence said:

    In college I had a semester in Firenze. A life defining trip, to say the least. I could go on about that city. Beautiful images and really digging your work!

  • Becca said:

    We got engaged at home and flew put to Italy for Rome, Florence and Venice for two weeks and kept the delicious secret ours for two weeks. We had a room overlooking the Cathedral and we woke up one morning and they had grassed the square and the Davide imitation statue was there and the next morning it had gone. Florence flash mobbing.

    And oh the food. Oh the food. **fades in quiet rapture**

  • Greg said:

    Great memories and amazing pictures.

  • Jo said:

    *beautiful* We were engaged in Florence...who could have said no in such a romantic city? Obsessed with your work Jodie xx Jo McCarthy

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