Film Friday | I was there; these pictures prove it.

These Film Fridays are becoming a little more like a personal journal. If you’re a regular follower, you will have visited Florence, Positano, Ibiza, Paris, New York once or twice, Long Island, Rome, Palm Springs, California, Bristol/Bath, the 1800s, my home, and a vintage festival. I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience.

I’m one of those irritating people that always takes along my camera, wherever I go. My friends roll their eyes when I pull out my pound-a-picture Polaroid camera and take a photo whilst they’re enjoying their lunch. I’m considered a pest by many because of this habit. Sometimes, in an effort to really enjoy the present, I have left my camera at home, and always regretted it. Perhaps that time there will be some unforgettable light, or a trip to the pub will turn into a spontaneous visit to the beach, or maybe I will just be having such a great time that I think to myself, damn it, I really wish I could document this.

Florence and Positano were two places high up on my bucket list. Entrenched in my mind were future visions of the Amalfi coastline, the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo. So when the time came for those visions to come true, I instinctively passed the camera to my companion to freeze a shot of me there, in the moment. But in these pictures, I’m not taking in the view at all. Why do we look away from the scene towards the camera? Who are we looking at? I’m not really looking at the unseen photographer. I’d say I’m looking at a future me.  Whatever direction my life takes, despite the inevitable ups and downs, when I am old and grey and at the end of my days, these pictures will remind me of how I got there. For me, that’s a pretty comforting thought.

Maybe one day I will no longer feel the need to document each new experience. But for now, I’m perfectly happy being the gnome from Amelie.

  • I say keep shooting!! Great blog entry - love the Amelie reference, one of my favourite films.

  • Greg said:

    Inspiring Jode. Beautiful images.

  • Victoria said:

    Great pictures Jodie and in Florence - my number one, absolute favouritest place! I really like that comment at the end about looking at the future you... such a lovely way to think of it.