Film Friday | Film Is Not Dead

Recently I took part in a London workshop called Film Is Not Dead. There are lots of images to come from this workshop, so I will leave the details until a later date, but I can honestly say it was a few of the most inspirational days of my life.

  • WOW! They are all lovely! Thanks for making me look so beautiful :) Big thumbs up Xx

  • These are awesome!! sending the F.I.N.D luv your way!!!! Everyone look smoking hot!!! Im talking to u Steve...... =)

  • Wow! That girl in the yellow dress is smokin' hot!
    Gorgeous photos JC. Need to get me one of those new fandangled film cameras I reckon. It's the future.

  • Victoria said:

    Beautiful work Jodie! Still not sent my to RPL... hope they turn out half as good as these.