~ back to the city ~


A couple of posts ago, I mentioned how much I wanted to get back to New York.  Well, a couple of weeks have passed…and I’m here.  It’s been a busy year and G and I haven’t had a proper holiday since California last year, so we decided to bite the bullet and go for a last-minute trip.  However, the last week has been so manic and stressful that I’m not sure I will ever book a last-minute holiday again!

So I’m here, just loaded my Rollei, Holga and Polaroid cameras and about to head into the city.  My plan is simply to photograph the city to death.  Might catch a few films whilst I’m here, but for the most part, i’m just so pleased to be seeing family and relaxing with some good coffee.  Simple pleasures.

  • Chloe said:

    I hope you're having the best time. And I can't believe you have tine to blog in NEW YORK! Watch out for Schuman. x