~ Pre-wedding shoot…New York City ~

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to photograph some clients in my favourite city, New York.  Emily and Michael are getting married next July and the original plan was to stage the shoot around the City of London, where they both work.  However, as Michael and Emily were spending a month in NYC for business/pleasure during November, I thought it would be a great idea to meet up during my trip there last week.

I asked Emily & Michael to have a think about some locations they would like to visit, and they came up with Central Park and Grand Central Station amongst others.  I suggested we meet at the Guggenheim late morning, as it’s such an incredible building to photograph and proved a fantastic backdrop to begin the shoot.  We then wandered through into Central Park and made the most of the beautiful terraces, park benches and of course, that skyline.  I was hoping there would still be some fall colours around and the city didn’t let me down.  Oranges, browns, reds, yellows – you name it, the park had it.  We also managed to snag a serenade from a busker, who played “Here Comes the Bride” on his saxophone specially for Emily and Michael.

Pre-wedding shots are a great opportunity to experiment with a few different editing styles.  Whereas it is my firm belief that the wedding album must have consistent, classic colours to ensure it does not date, the engagement session can be a little more fun and modern.  I’ve tried a few techniques which give the images some spark and life…just like the city they were shot in.

To Emily and Michael ~ I hope you love these images as much as I do. I had so much fun with you both and it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in New York City.



  • Greg said:

    These are STUNNING!

  • kelly said:

    wow jodie...i am so impressed! these are really beautiful...the couple must be thrilled with the results!

  • Simply beautiful Jodie. Love the Central Station shots. Mx

  • admin said:

    Thanks guys. Having New York City as a backdrop was fab and we had such a great time getting these shots.

  • Awesome Jodie. So much to admire. Also love the Station shots. You'd probably have been stopped taking shots in the UK. Love your work. Kenn

  • Emily said:

    Wow Jodie - we are totally blown away by these. We love them all and are thrilled to bits. Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph us. Emily & Michael x

  • Kate Ray said:

    Lush! Lovely to look at - I'm going to book you in for an anniversary treat next July, around Soho Square (where we met) - can you make us look beautiful too.....?! x

  • admin said:

    I'm SO pleased Emily! And that's not even half of them. The rest will be in your gallery soon.

  • admin said:

    Kate ~ I love anniversary shoots, so that's a date! And as for making you look beautiful, you do that all on your own. I'll just make the images gorgeous for you.

  • Diana Sierra said:

    Absolutely love, love, love.. I am a native New Yorker and it amazing how you've captured the essence of the city. These could all be magazine ads. Beautiful photos of a lovely couple, you did an amazing job.

  • Michael said:

    Intimate, professional, emotive, creative, fun. Treasured. What else can I say? - but thankyou. It shows you are a true professional with a special skill, who can deliver. Thanks a million. x

  • admin said:

    Wow. Thank you so much for your comments. I am so flattered you love the images so much and without getting all cheesy, it makes me so happy that my work is valued and appreciated. Michael - G & I really had a great day with you and Emily, and we will never be able to thank you enough for introducing us to Primeburger. ;)

  • These are GORGEOUS Jodie - just love them - you have an amazing talent - love the benches, arches, backdrops and taxis - you should be really proud of these!

  • Hey Jodie,
    Just wanted to say that i love your website, it's really magical and i LOVE the pics of Central Station, surely Emily & Michael will have to order a whole pre wedding shoot album! or at least a few amazing prints to frame.
    Was great meeting you and will definately stay in touch.
    Have a good sunday,
    Fi x

  • Jodie-what an EPIC shoot! Am totally blown away. Lots of love to you both. xx

  • wow jodie - these are really fantastic - love the kiss one outside the guggenheim with the taxis ! brilliant work !

  • admin said:

    Thanks everyone! Overwhelmed at the response. I love them too.

  • Ah, Jodie your images are so stunning. I imagine them as shots from a really romantic movie.

  • andrea ellison said:

    Jodie...you nailed it!!!! what a wonderful set of images.....you really do have a style very much your own...fab sweety x

  • Claire Wood said:

    These are beautiful! Jodie you are EXTREMELY talented!x

  • admin said:

    Tim, Andrea & Claire ~ Thanks so much for your lovely comments! Emily & Mike are a fabulous couple and their chemistry translates beautifully on camera.

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