Wiston House Wedding Photography | Sarah & Matthew

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” ~ John Keats

Sarah and Matthew’s wedding at Wiston House was filled with love and happiness. It sounds obvious, but it really did shine at this wedding. When I had met them both originally, Sarah had said that the reason she had been drawn to my work was because she could see that I focused on capturing people first and foremost. She wasn’t overly interested in details like napkins or chair covers, but in spending the day with the people they loved. That feeling was evident here. Sarah even stopped halfway up the aisle to give a kiss to her nan. That’s love. And exactly what a wedding is all about.

Wiston House is a beautiful venue, and one with the romance of history.  A wedding photographer at Wiston House has an abundance of locations to choose from, with the beautiful interiors and the lush greenery of the gardens.

Venue ~ Wiston House // Sarah’s dress ~ Joanne Fleming // Matthew’s suit ~ Profile // Florist ~ Miss Moles // DJs ~ The Wedding Smashers

  • Dasha said:

    Really beautiful, Jodie! So nice to hear that their wedding was all bout love - can definitely see it through the images!

  • Greg said:

    Looks like a very happy day and you've captured it perfectly. Brilliant images.