to pre-wed or not to pre-wed…

One question I am often asked by brides is “What’s the point of a pre-wedding shoot?” If I had a pound for every time I was asked that question… But maybe photographers aren’t emphasising the benefits of these sessions as much as they should, as they are beneficial not only for the couple (more photos!) but also for the photographer.

For example, if you are uncomfortable with a certain facial or body feature, talking this through with your photographer at the pre-wedding shoot will allow them to prove they are a true professional and can deliver images that make you look fantastic. On the day itself, you will feel relaxed and happy in front of the camera, safe in the knowledge that your photographer knows how to capture beautiful images of you. If they are a photographer who wants to deliver the best, they will want to know how you feel about being in front of the lens. The key to a great wedding photographer is a people person who can relax even the most nervous of brides. This shoot will give you the chance to check they are up to the job and also experience their photography first-hand.

Of course, every photographer wants to provide their clients with images they love and therefore want to buy. Products available from pre-wedding shoots include a signature mount – this can be displayed at the reception for guests to sign the mount around a beautiful portrait of the happy couple. Another service I offer is a beautiful guest book which include pictures from the engagement shoot as well as blank pages for guests to write messages.

I currently only feature these shoots with my Sydney package, but am considering including them in my New York package. If you are a bride who has booked/is considering booking a New York package, mention whether you would like a pre-wedding shoot and I would be happy to include it as a complimentary extra.

Here are just a few images from recent pre-wedding shoots. These are all great couples who had fantastic chemistry that really shines through.

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    Great post Jodie!! Perfectly said and superb images too... :-)