pop portrait

This picture is a perfect example of what can be achieved with some good natural light, a colourful prop and a dingy looking alley. Wielding an umbrella by one of my most favourite designers, Katie’s perfect cheekbones and bright pink lipstick give this urban portrait an element of grace and fun. It was published in Digital SLR User magazine last summer and I will upload the article very soon. Watch this space…

  • Jesse N. said:


    This is Jesse {kristi's older brother, we met briefly at her and dylan's wedding in 06'}... I just stumbled across your blog and website, you do some really nice work Jodie!

    I noticed you were out here in California last fall, its funny i have the exact same photo of the pool at Hearst castle on my phone. We were there in december, its a few hour drive from where we live. Very cool place.

    Hope all is well with you guys. Take care.


  • Jodie said:

    Hey Jesse,
    Good to hear from you & glad you like the pictures. Hearst Castle is such a great place and I really hope I can do the extensive tours next time I'm there!