Engagement Portraits | Selmin & Toby

Recently I took a little trip to Norfolk to meet up with Selmin and Toby.

After the field and the boat, came the most beautiful forest.

Selmin is passionate about photography and being an avid follower of my blog, was really keen for me to shoot some film.

So that’s exactly what I did. For the whole shoot.

We explored the beautiful countryside and beaches of north Norfolk for this engagement session.  What I love about pre wedding shoots is the chance to get to know the couple, to witness the love between them and to help them feel completely comfortable in front of my camera before the wedding itself.

Is there a better job in the world than photographing a couple in love? I don’t think so.

Shot with a Contax 645 on Portra 400 & Tri-X film

  • Kirsten said:

    Really beautiful. I especially love the black and white ones towards the end.

  • Totally beautiful. I think the black and whites are my favourite too. x

  • Love the feel, they're so relaxed as in all your shoots. The black and whites are really dream like as well.

  • Oh Jodie these are SO lovely and what a cute couple. The b&w shots are so beautiful and what a location too. No wonder this is one of your faves. More film shots please!!!

  • You are totally nailing this film malarky this is my favourite shoot of yours ever.... beautiful jody I love watching your journey.x

  • Eliza said:

    All on film! Love it Jodie, really beautiful.

  • Aneta said:

    gorgeous, loving how soft you made the portra 400 look - sometimes ive found it can be a bit too contasty, but here they are just divine!

  • serena said:

    Wow. All shot on film too. Beautiful. Great, locations. The black and whites on the beach are so perfect.

  • Peter Ntamark said:

    Excellent work Jodie..I love your film work..It is with eager anticipation that I look forward to your new posts..

  • Raisa said:

    Beautiful shots Jodie, love some of the ones with their dog!

  • Delia said:

    What a beautiful set of images!

  • Greg said:

    Really beautiful Jodie, I love your film work. You can't go back...

  • Lesley said:

    A master at work, Jodie: you are amazing! Simply stunning shots, and SO full of love - from both sides of the camera. x

  • beautiful work, love the consistency in your style throughout this set of images.

  • Stacey said:

    Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS! Love the film film and all film... congrats on leaving the digital in the bag :-) The B+W works so perfectly as well. Beautiful all around!