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thankyoucardOne of the things I love the most about photographing weddings is that I am responsible for “the wedding album”.  We’ve all had that experience of dusting off our parents’ or grandparents’ albums ~ the delicate, crinkled fly leaves, the classic black and white tones of a bygone era. We’ve all felt that little tingle as we look at the young faces staring back at us, full of hope and excitement ~ the young faces that we have only known as Grandma or Grandpa, with their laughter lines and lived-in skin. Those wedding pictures take us back to a time we never knew or experienced. We are transported.

This experience is at the back of my mind during every wedding I photograph. These pictures are going to live forever in the lives of these people, and it’s up to me to make them as beautiful and long-lasting as possible.

Alexa and Daf’s wedding was one of my absolute favourites from last year. I remember standing there as they danced their first dance, observing the love between them both and thinking of how privileged I was to be a part of their future memories. They are such a lovely couple who did everything possible to have me as their photographer. It’s the biggest compliment when a client says they knew they had to have me as soon as they saw my pictures, and I’m never going to stop being grateful for having such wonderful clients.

Thank you, Alexa and Daf, for your beautiful card (drawn by Alexa herself!).  I am over the moon that you love your album so much, and hope it will transport you back to 14th August 2010 many times over the coming years.



  • Jemma said:

    So sweet x

  • Alexa said:

    What a lovely thing to do Jodie, totally unexpected!! I'm really glad you love the card - I love making things for people. I think I've looked at our album at least three times a day since we received it. It truly is the most beautiful record of our wedding and you're right, I'm sure we'll be showing it to the grandchildren one day and looking back with amazing memories. X x

  • admin said:

    You're so welcome, Alexa. Thank YOU for the beautiful card!