Film Friday | New York state of mind

Like Woody Allen, New York exists for me in black and white. Even before my first visit there in 1998, I had come to love it through the monochrome beauty of Manhattan (1979) & The Apartment (1960). The shadows & the lines of the buildings disappear in colour; it’s black & white film that somehow shows it as it really is.


  • Kirsten said:

    Really beautiful. I imagine you've already fallen in love with Vivian Maier's recently dsicovered work?

  • admin said:

    Thanks guys. Kirsten ~ I discovered Vivian Maier's work a couple of weeks ago. Amazing photographer.

  • Lisa said:

    These are gorgeous!
    The make me want to buy some black and white film...might have to purchase some this weekend.

  • Greg Chapman said:

    Amazing compositions. You have such an interesting eye and as I always think, they look like lost movie stills.

  • Wesley said:

    nice.. I am a complete sucker for NY in black & white.. timeless

  • Estelle said:

    I've never been to NYC (I know, I know...), but it's always been on my to-go list. In my mind's eye it is indeed a B&W city. Some great shots here, exactly how I picture the great city.