philippe & jennifer ~ i will ~ beautiful richmond

I met Philippe and Jennifer for the first time a couple of weekends ago to photograph them for their pre-wedding shoot.  I always like to stage the shoot in a location that means something to the couple and they decided upon Richmond, which is close to The Bingham where their wedding is in May.  We sat down for coffee and a croissant in Paul, the closest we Brits have to an authentic French boulangerie experience.  Philippe is French and Jennifer works for a French company, so the location was a nice touch.

Pre-wedding shoots are an opportunity for couples to have some fun with some directed and natural portraits.  It is obviously a very different vibe to the wedding day, where the atmosphere is already created and so I can capture the events as they unfold.  Some clients prefer a little direction on these shoots, but Philippe and Jennifer needed no help from me.  I have never seen a couple so affectionate and in love.  It was beautiful to watch and photograph as they felt so natural in each other’s company.  It has been a whirlwind romance for them ~ they met in a restaurant a little over a year ago ~ and it’s so lovely to see a couple so sure of their future together, which by the look of these shots, will be a very happy and loving one.

Philippe and Jennifer moved to Paris the day after the shoot.  Jealous? Moi? I’ll just have to keep going to Paul for my French fix.



  • These are such beautiful photos, Jodie. Philippe and Jennifer must be over the moon.

  • Steph said:

    My fave pre-wedding shoot so far. LOVE these shots! xx

  • andrea ellison said:

    quite simply...... gorgeous !!!!! <3

  • Jodie, these absolutely blew me away, I love them, I think I'm the jealous one...The detail shots are gorgeous and really set the scene, and the couple shots are so natural and effortless. well done they will love them xx

  • CHLOE said:

    so, so, so nice. I love them-they look like lots of fun too!

  • Greg said:

    My favourite pre-wed shoot since your New York City one. You hone your unique style with every shoot, and just get better and better. No one takes photos like you do.

  • Utterly beautiful Jodie!!! Really lovely understated colours as well!!

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