nicola & chris ~ i do ~ part two

More from Nicola and Chris’ gorgeous spring affair. As a toy designer, Chris had told me he wanted to gather together an assortment of retro toys for guests to play in the evening, and did he do himself proud. There was Buckaroo, Pop-up Pirate, and Match of the Day to name but a few.  I loved their guest book idea ~ a vintage typewriter with blank paper for guests to type messages.  It made me desperate to get my blue vintage corona that I bought on a NY trip down from the loft.

Chris and Nicola even started off their evening reception by singing a song together ~ very brave and they pulled it off brilliantly.

I really loved being a part of your day guys, and hope you love the photos as much as I do.

The Californians might get the best of the sunshine, but I bet they rarely score a rainbow…

nicolachris7anicolachris7b1nicolachris81nicolachris9nicolachris10nicolachris11{ JODIE CHAPMAN ~ WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON SOUTH-EAST INTERNATIONAL }

  • Greg said:

    Wow! All brilliant! Great detail shots - the games, the typewriter. Especially love the shots drenched in light. They give an airy, dreamlike feel. They will love them Jodie.

  • Pippa said:

    I absolutely love these Jodie! Richmond Park used to be a regular haunt of mine. The photos are stunning!

  • Lulu said:

    I love love love them!! What a unique wedding - I love the idea of leaving messages on a typewriter!!! I love how you give a timeless quality to your photos!!

  • Cristina said:

    Wow, These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love the colour, they're getting me really excited even though my wedding is next year :) xxxx

  • CHLOE said:

    Beautiful, as always Jodie Chapman. You are brilliant!

  • Cindy said:

    Absolutely beautiful - and a rainbow? Stunning!

  • Nicola & Chris said:

    Thanks so much Jodie!!! We really love the pictures, the ones in the park with the trees and the car are exactly what we wanted and the rainbow just topped it all off. Thanks for all your work on the day and beforehand! Nicola & Chris x

  • katie said:

    wow, the best yet, honestly they are fab, how did you coax that rainbow out you minx? ;) without being a total cheeseball you really are getting more amazing with each wedding. i think we are seriously going to have to restage ours!!! xxx

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