Film Friday | My black and white heart

Sometimes I see in black and white.

It goes back to the days when I was a kid, holed up in a dark room watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance their way across the screen.

The opening scene to “Manhattan” still gives me shivers.

Or maybe it was the hours spent watching my dad develop his black and white landscapes of the French mountains…

Either way, it feels like home.


All images shot with a Contax 645 and Olympus OM1 on Tri-X and BW400CN film

  • lilymarlene said:


  • serena said:

    I thought your last set on France was amazing. But then, you go and show us these awesome B&W shots and I can't stop staring at them. Every single shot. They're like little whispers. So beautiful Jodie.

  • Alexa said:

    How did I not see these before?! You must have been excited when the France films arrived back, amazing amazing x