Engagement Shoot | Laura & Mark ~ Sunday Stroll Through Tunbridge Wells

Laura and Mark are getting married this month in the beautiful Kentish town of Tunbridge Wells.  In preparation for their wedding, we decided to use the location of The Pantiles for their shoot ~ think sweet little shops, traditional cobbles and lots of people having their Sunday coffee.  It also gave us the opportunity to have a good chat about their wedding next month, and as Laura hails from a very creative family, it sounds like it’s going to be a gorgeous one to photograph.  Not only did we discuss the wedding, but also our mutual desire to have a dog and Mark’s dislike of cats.

I’d heard in the news that Lisa Marie Presley {Yes, that’s right, the daughter of The King} had just moved into Tunbridge Wells to escape the intrusion of the press.  Fortunately for her, my camera and I didn’t spot her about that Sunday morning.



  • Gemma said:

    Ooh I love! Her hair is just beautiful. Love the final black and whites.

  • Love the double set six rows down. Classic Chapman

  • another beautifully told story - i love your attention to detail

  • LOVE these. Really beautiful I particularly love the portrait second row down. x

  • Greg said:

    Like you weren't actually there. They seem so at ease and happy. Brilliant.

  • Laura said:

    I have been looking over our shots for the last couple of days and they grow on me more all the time!...... I particularly love the last one as it shows how much Mark makes me laugh all the time! Thanks Jodie