calvin tadhg tether { baby baby }

A few weeks ago, I posted some images from Katie’s maternity shoot.  Just a couple of weeks later, Calvin came bouncing into the world at a hefty 9 lb 13!  His “newborn” shots therefore show a baby lad with a lot of beautiful meat on him.  With an Italian-American father and an Irish mother, this kid was always going to be a looker.

Here are some favourites, including a family portrait with Fergus the dog…


  • Katie said:

    Jodie!!! these are so beautiful, i absolutely love them! i can't believe how cute calvin looks (well i know i'm biased) and the one of the 4 of us is gorgeous, i even look semi alive and not like i'm going to die of sleep deprivation! i can't wait to see the rest but i will definitely treasure these forever, they are so fab. thank you so much oh talented one!!! xxx

  • Frankie said:

    Wow those are awesome pics, absolutely beautiful!! I wish I could have hire you to do my wedding!

  • Jodie said:

    Thanks Frankie. From what I've heard, your wedding is going to be fabulous!

  • Katy said:

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    that I have really liked browsing your blog posts. In any case
    I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  • Chad said:

    Just saw that your site has a comment function and wanted to say thank you for taking those pictures. They are amazing! You did such an great job. Been showing them off and think I've made everyone at work look at them and they all say what a great job you did. Thank you

  • Kate Fleischmann said:

    Jodie, great pics! Katie and Chad are old great to see their growing family!!!

  • nicola house said:

    so gorgeous..especially the family pic on the bed..(did you tidy up katie???)your very talented jodie xx