Against all odds, little Beau made it through the nine months.  Due to an extremely rare and random genetic condition, the prognosis throughout had been that he would not survive, and he spent his few precious hours curled up on his mum’s chest, feeling the furious beat of her heart.

A little over two hours later, Beau passed peacefully away.

During his short life, he was kissed, stroked, loved and completely wanted.

I have written and rewritten these words, but none seem quite right.  Too many tears shed, too many thoughts still racing.  The unfairness of the world, the melancholy beauty of his brief existence, the softness of his skin; all words seem hollow and trite when typed as black text on white screen.

To my little nephew, who lived on the first day of spring, no words can do justice.  You will never be forgotten.


This is the way the world ends 

Not with a bang, but a whimper

TS Eliot

  • laura beardwood said:

    oh Jodie. what beautiful words & pictures. I am sure it feels impossible to feel you did him justice, but to an outsider it is very poignant & touching. hope your sister & her partner are doing ok x

  • Lorraine miller said:

    Jodie. You are one very talented woman. Your images are totally beautiful in every way. They capture all those desperately sad moments we shared with our bravest sister. We will all carry Beau in our hearts, but sometimes we need the images to remember more clearly. Love you all so much. Lorraine. Xx

  • Linda Pankhurst said:

    You found the beauty in this awful situation and made sure it will be remembered. Thanks!

  • Marie Baugh said:

    Truly beautiful Jodie - no words really to express how heavy my heart feels seeing such amazing friends going through what they have faced with such strength and courage. Your talent has captured the brief moments of Beau's beautiful life - too short but full of purelove. xx

  • Nicky Howard said:

    These photos are so lovely but utterly devastating at the same time. You have captured Beau's loved life wonderfully. I know Nath & Jess will treasure these photos forever. Thank you for sharing them so we can share his brief life a little more. Your words although you say doesn't seem right are just perfect. You express your hurt and loss a lot better I ever could. See you Thursday xx

  • Donna and Richard Mathew said:

    We know Nathan and Jess will treasure these pictures and find comfort from them , until they can safely hold Beau in their arms again when he's resurrected and you can all rejoice together once again. Until then our love thoughts and prayers continue with you all. xx

  • Jo Jeffrey said:

    Jodie, these pictures are stunning. Really moving looking at them but you've captured Beau's short little life with his amazing family in such a talented way. We will miss you Beau but you'll be in our hearts forever. Love you all xxx

  • Beautiful images Jodie and a beautiful post. Love to you and all your family X X X

  • Gill Barnett said:

    Thank you for the wonderful record of Beau's short life, these photos will keep our memories alive until we see him again. Lovely moments in his short life. Mum xxxx

  • Christine Pointer said:

    So sorry for you and your family. All we can do is wait for the time when all those we love will be in our arms again. Much love and prayers. Christine xx

  • Anne Blackhall said:

    Well done Jodie-these photos are a poignant and loving memory of baby Beau's brief , but incredibly important, life. Jess and Nathan and Lulah will always have these images to remember their son and brother. Beau's life has touched us all, and we all want to remember him and rejoice in his life, until we see him again. Much love, Auntie Anne and family xxx

  • Beatrice said:

    Touching and beautiful photos.!!! love Beatrice and family

  • Gill Rivers said:

    Such beautiful and touching words and beautiful photos.

    So very, very sorry, all we can do is wait until all our loved ones are back with us again

    Much love to all of you xx

  • Maria Keerie said:

    These photos are beautiful , no words cum sum up this surreal situation but the photos are a beautiful reminder of him

  • Jessica & Aaron Young said:

    These photos Are absolutely beautiful. I can not personally wait to have cuddles with Beau and for our sons To meet for their first playdate .. its the most unbearable pain but we are so lucky to have the paradise. I know it doesn't always help but i am here and i feel your pain. I love you all loads xxx

  • Binky nixon said:

    Such beautiful images, a wonderful gift to your sister to preserve those moments she met her beautiful son. Sending love to you and your family xxxx

  • Jodie, beautiful photos, beautiful words and so sorry for you and your families loss x