Wedding | Ben & Patricia

She’s a girl known for her style and ability to make any outfit her own. A girl after my own heart with her love of old movies.

He also has sharp sartorial sense and can hold a dancefloor enthralled with a rendition of The Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight.

They married.

I think you’d agree….a beautiful couple.


  • Annabel said:

    Totally bloody gorgeous. I just completely love this. Your photography really actually moves me, I truly mean that. What a beautiful couple also xXx

  • A beautiful couple - beautifully captured. I love the portrait of Patricia looking down - very timeless and evocative.

  • katie said:

    awww these are lovely. congrats ben and trish. another great job jode xxx

  • katie said:

    p.s love bens tie matching the flowers. nice touch!

  • Hannah said:

    What a beautiful couple! Patricia is stunning and I love Ben's tie/buttonhole combo. Just a lovely set of images.

  • Greg said:

    Absolutely stunning. The shot of Trish looking down is beautiful. They both look fantastic and the shots capture that.

  • Sophie said:

    LOVE her dress!!!!!! Lovely shots Jodie! x

  • emmaB said:

    I totally agree - a stunning couple, and what a beautiful dress - so elegant! Love your work Jodie, beautifully captured x

  • truly stunning and I see what you mean about that light....yummy! what a stunning pair and amazing photos as always, you always pull it off like a dream! x

  • admin said:

    Thanks folks for the lovely comments. The Dish makes a beautiful bride, doesn't she? Ben doesn't look too bad either.. Sometimes I get a shoot where the light is so unbelievable and the couple so sweet and loved-up that it leaves me on cloud nine. This was one of those shoots.

  • Joanna said:

    Jodie - these are exquisite and timeless - wonderful work! Jo x

  • Claire said:

    Incredible photographs - I love every one. Patricia is stunning.

  • Such beautiful light & a gorgeous couple. Loving Ben's button hole and how it matches Patricia's bouquet.