~ Portrait Favourites of 2009 ~

Yes, I’m a bit late off the mark for this one. We are entering the second week of 2010 and so I should be looking to the future, not the past! But I’m a very nostalgic person and love to look back at photos, so here are some of my favourites from portrait sessions last year.  They are a combination of client sessions, training days, and shooting family members.  The training days allowed me to further develop my skills in using natural and artificial light, enabling me to offer my clients unique images they could never get elsewhere.  Obviously, capturing shots of family is so important to me, not only because I deeply love the person I’m photographing but because it makes me so happy to create images that the rest of my family will love and treasure for years to come.

On a personal note, I spent the evening with my grandmother recently and we looked through old albums that featured pictures of my Mum when she was a little girl in the 1950s.  It was such a wonderful and emotional experience and allowed me to see a side of my Mum that has never been shown to me.  In danger of sounding cheesy, looking through those albums reminded me of what is important in life and how precious family is.  I try to approach portraits in the same way ~ I am capturing a little slice of time for my clients and subjects; a slice of time that will hopefully one day give them that same experience.

I hope you enjoy this little review of the year and the beautiful expressions that look back at you.



  • Chloe said:

    I do love how you've ended with my favourite of all your portraits ever. It's iconic. You're iconic.