nicola & chris ~ i will ~ all along the south bank

Yesterday, I had a wander along the Embankment and South Bank with Nicola and Chris to capture some relaxed portraits of them both before their wedding in March.  As creative types {Nicola is a picture editor and Chris is a toy designer ~ how cool!} they thought some pictures by the Tate Modern gallery would work well, so we headed in that direction.  They also love the Victorian elements along the South Bank, such as the gorgeous ornate lamp-posts, so we incorporated those into the pictures too.  Despite the grey and chilly weather, we had fun roaming around the South Bank book market and in the skater park, where walls of bright colour gave great picture opportunities along with gorgeous natural light.

Pre-wedding shoots are a great addition to the modern wedding photography experience and I think that they are so useful that I include them as complimentary in my main package.

I’m really looking forward to Chris and Nicola’s wedding, especially as they are keen to spend a good amount of time capturing portraits of them both.  Photography is really important to them which makes me love my job even more.

I am really pleased with these images and wanted to blog them as soon as possible.  I am also slightly in love with Nicola’s boots…

To Nicola and Chris ~ roll on March!



  • This is seriously good stuff, you are one of the best I have ever come across when it comes to this type of work, (makes my stuff look positively old fashioned) much respect!!!!

  • Nicola said:

    Yay!!!! We love the pics Jodie, thanks so much. The tones in the colour shots are lovely, very retro, even more so with the rounded edges! It was worth waiting for that bus, it's one of our many favourites. Looking forward to seeing you again in March!

    Nicola & Chris x

    P.S. One of the eyelets on my beloved boots broke after we left you : (
    But we dropped by Topshop on the way home and I picked up a new pair!

  • Chloe said:

    You've been very busy. I love these-they're probably the Most Urban Jodie I've seen yet! Such cool spots for photos too; another amazing job.

  • katie said:

    these are fab jodie, really fresh, i love the south bank and the colours in the pics are great. gorgeous couple too, can't wait to see their wedding shots!!!!

  • admin said:

    Thanks for your lovely words, guys. Nicola ~ I can't wait for your wedding in March and I think I might have to steal your style and get those boots! X

  • Love this post Jodie, the way you set the scene really adds to it and they are great images of Nicola and Chris too.

  • Andri said:

    Fab photos, they look like a lovely couple and so many great shots of the South Bank, but then my husband proposed to me at the South Bank so will always be special...

  • Mary Catlin said:

    Wow Jodie...I LOVE the one with the bus!!! How did you do this!! Amazing! x

  • Woohoo! I've been waiting to see what you did on this shoot, after you commented that you were heading to the South Bank! Awesome job, Jodie. I love them, especially the red bus one - so iconic!

  • admin said:

    Thanks guys! Mary ~ I have spent good time perfecting that shot. It takes patience but it's worth it. Andri ~ the South Bank is a fabulously romantic place and I've heard a lot of people say it's one of their favourite places in London. The book market sold me on the area's charms!

  • Just came across your have an eye for the way you capture "love."

  • craig said:

    Love this sooooo much! puddle pic is super nice..... =)

  • These are truly gorgeous Jodie. I want to be able to do this! I'm not a pro just an aspiring photographer and I love following your blog-you have a great style all your own (thanks for your email the other day answering my questions, so nice of you!) x

  • serena said:

    Love them ALL! You are an inspiration.

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  • Michael & Emily said:

    Love the photos Jodie - great intimate shots of both the couple and the lovely backdrop

  • Joe said:

    Amazing amazing amazing shots. Love them all.

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