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My black cat, Annie Hall.

  • Alexa said:

    Aw she's a lovely one! Great shot...I was playing with my Diana F+ in Brighton on Saturday, always exciting to see how they turn out. What a mysterious photo, she's almost saying "Follow me.."

  • admin said:

    Hey Alexa, I love the Diana F+! Bought one in NY a couple of years ago and it's a very clever little thing. This picture is quite telling of Annie's personality as she's always wandering off away from us. Little miss independent.

  • Lulu said:

    You wouldn't believe it but I watched Annie Hall for the first time last night! Can't believe it's taken me that many years to see it. I've decided if I ever have a girl she'll be an Annie!!!

  • admin said:

    lulu - at least you've seen it now! The first time I saw it was alone in a late night screening when I worked at the cinema. I can still remember the opening scene where woody talks to the audience and thinking in my head, "i'm going to love this". And I did. One of my Top 5 favourites. Have you seen "Manhattan"? If not, you must check it out. Fabulous.