let there be {light}

I have spoken on my blog before about how much I love attending workshops and learning from other professional photographers.  I think it’s so important to keep pushing ahead with my business and trying out new directions or ideas.  Many photographers have fallen foul to the recession and I believe that this is partly due to them not keeping their photography fresh and exciting to new clients.  It is my determination to never be one of those people.  That is why I chose to spend a day with Damien Lovegrove in the beautiful city of Bristol, capturing portraits using both natural light and creative flash.  Light plays a very important role in my photographs and so I was keen to further my skills.  It was a fantastic day and I left feeling completely inspired.

Here are a few of my favourites using natural light.  Flash shots will follow sometime soon…


  • Rachel said:

    LOVE this! Really beautiful images. I have too many favourites to mention but I especially like the third from the bottom. I would love to capture images like you! Rachel