Isabella & Mia

These are Felix’s sisters.

Every time I see and photograph my nieces, I am struck by how quickly they are growing up. Not only are they incredibly polite and well-behaved, but they are genuinely sweethearted and kind individuals. After much persuasion on my part, they have finally stopped calling me “Auntie Jodie”, and it makes me so proud that their personalities are even more beautiful than their angelic looks. I can’t wait to see the little women they will become.

Shot with a Contax 645 on Tri-X film

  • Dan said:

    btw, i'm izzy, mia and felix's dad. they're alright aren't they?! (jodes you're the best x)

  • They are both gorgeous girls... I remember your shoot when you took them for afternoon tea a few years back and they have grown up so much since! Gorgeous Jodes xx

  • Greg said:

    I think these might be the best photographs youve taken. Youve captured something really special. Very moving photographs and beautiful girls inside and out.

  • Thalia said:

    Absolutely stunning photos, two of my favorite girls!