i will ~ kelli & robert ~ hampstead heath

Not only has the house move happened in the last week, but so have a lot of pre-wedding shoots in very different locations…so there should be quite a bit of eye candy on the blog over the next few weeks.  First up is Kelli & Robert’s shoot in Hampstead Heath, a beautiful area of London that I have only ever visited once before.  After this shoot, I think I have found my new favourite place to hang out in the city.

The shoot was a last minute arrangement, as Kelli and Robert’s first wedding is happening this Saturday. Yes, that’s right ~ first wedding. This couple have made the very exciting step of having two days to celebrate their marriage.  The first wedding will be a relaxed family affair in West Sussex this weekend, with a blessing and good party in Ibiza with more friends and family next month.  I’m really looking forward to heading out to Ibiza for Part 2 of their wedding ~ Kelli & Robert have decided to have an album for each of their days, so I’m really excited about designing the finished products for them to remember their beautiful days by.

Enjoy the images. With today’s grey and rain, the gorgeous colours and sunshine we had for the shoot already seem like a distant memory. It’s a reminder to all us English folk to take advantage of that weather if it decides to show its face.

Roll on Ibiza!