Welcome to my home.

I love colour.

I wish I was one of those chic Parisian types who thinks purely in monochrome, but alas, that’s not me. Although I do occasionally sport the tortured artist look in all black with red lips, my home is a riot of different shades. It’s my firm belief that a home should perfectly reflect its inhabitants and express who they are, and I feel very strongly that that is exactly what my habitat does. I’m very lucky that the man I share my home with has no qualms about painting the kitchen wall dark grey, or toying with the idea of a turquoise front door. It’s not cost a pretty penny either. Almost everything has been lugged home from a boot fair or charity shop, won for tuppence on eBay or sourced in the sales. The priciest possession would be the 1957 Wurlitzer jukebox, which we fell in love with whilst wandering through an LA flea market and promptly shipped across the Atlantic. It’s packed with Elvis, Dylan, Nancy Sinatra and The Beach Boys, and the fuzzy sound of its speakers fills the air and warms my heart.

Oh, to be a simple, level-headed lover of monochrome. I fear it will never be.

That Dorothy Gale was right. There’s no place like home.

Images shot with a Contax 645 on Ektar 100 film

  • Sophie said:

    You clearly need to get your home featured in an interiors magazine!!!
    I LOVE your home and think it reflects you perfectly!!!
    It has so much character.
    We are SLOWLY getting there with our home, but we've gone for very muted chalky colours and I think are leaning towards a slightly Scandinavean look...with a bit of difficulty though. It's all VERY mis matchy and think to get to where you have with the level of detail will take YEARS!


  • admin said:

    Thanks Sophie! I love the Scandinavian/muted colours look and there are elements of that everywhere, but I find it so difficult to stick to a pared-down palette. Maybe that future beach house will have that look. I bet your pad is looking gorgeously sophisticated, just like its owner.

  • kjrsten said:

    Um, your house is incredible! I love your style! LOVE!!!!!

    I think you need to submit these to apartmenttherapy, or designmom, or one of the other home decor related blogs!!!! seriously, if you dont do it I will be mad at you!

    PS the color/ektar looks perfect.

  • Kristin said:

    I love your home (can you design my dumpy apartment?? haha) and I love these photos. I love the strong color, they are electric. I agree with getting these featured somewhere.

  • I want that blue chair! Love this. Love the film and love your house. I never overexpose Ektar as much as Jon was saying. Skin tones go red. and its easily washed out with overexposure as well. But this looks pretty good.

  • Chanelle said:

    really lovely! I have ideas for my home, but it certainly isn't ready to share...

  • Sarah said:

    wow - I love your home, when am I moving in?!