fresh-faced website…all about weddings

When I originally set up my official website a couple of years ago, I filled it with images from some of my earliest weddings and shots from personal travels around the globe.  The Personal gallery included photographs I had taken in my brother’s gorgeous Art Deco bathroom in New York, shots in the streets of that incredible city, and images from a weekend break in a retro Airstream on the Isle of Wight.  As I was new in business, I really wanted to cultivate a brand that was a true representation of me – a little random, vintage-inspired with a feminine touch.  Personal and Polaroid galleries featured amongst Portraits, Commercial and Wedding.  My love for photography encompasses many different routes and areas, and my site reflected this.

Recently I have found that the wedding side of the business has truly taken off, and so I decided a little bit of a re-vamp was needed for the site.  I still wanted it to retain the quirky, vintagey mood, but it desperately needed new imagery and I decided to make it all about weddings.  I am still shooting a lot of other subject matter, but I *love* photographing weddings and for now, I want my future brides {and grooms} to feel at home the second they hit the homepage.


I hope you like the “new look”.  If you’re a photographer or anyone who needs a site, I personally recommend my designer, Sophie Anderson, aka Gingerbread Lady.  Her ability to understand what I want from a few rambling emails is second to none, and she is truly a talented designer.

Just to add, I am still very much photographing portraits, commercial and personal work, and a separate website showcasing this work will follow sometime next year.