France on Film | Part 2

My earliest memories relate to the few years I spent living in the South of France as a child.

This trip reminded me of what I have been missing over the last 25 years. I realised that I don’t always have to spend a small fortune on a holiday in California for my sunshine fix. Instead, I can take a trip across the channel and make the most of my pigeon French. You can’t imagine the satisfaction of successfully ordering a cup of coffee in a language other than my own.

As the weather here in England turns crisp and the leaves turn that beautiful deadly shade of red, these pictures take me straight back to summer.

J’adore la France.

All images shot with a Contax 645 on Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra 400 film

  • lilymarlene said:

    How is your French accent nowadays? One of my memories of when you all lived in Oleron was the way you pronounced the name of your nursery school teacher (Monsieur Castilejean) absolutely perfectly. You can't have been more than two years sweet!

  • lilymarlene said:

    Oh! And BTW.....lovely lovely photos!

  • Dasha said:

    France is beautiful... France on film even more so... Le sigh

  • Birgit said:

    ooooh jodie these pictures are awesome! And what a beautiful place! wundervoll!!

  • Delia said:

    Your film photography is just gorgeous! How inspiring !

  • Sophie said:

    Oh My oh My those summer pics are soooo gorgeous...and the people in them.
    AMAZING colours and light. Clever girl Jodie!! x