First Look | Lorna & Rich

Well, mainly a first look at Lorna. She had two beautiful outfits. I swiftly fell in love and went crazy with my camera.


  • Ria Hotchin said:

    Wow what stunning dresses! love the composition of the photographs too.

  • Sophie said:

    TWO dresses?? Now that's what I call greedy...but BLOODY gorgeous too!! Looking forward to seeing more!

  • stella hayes said:

    I know i'm biased but Lorna looks stunning! Beautiful photographs she looks so happy!

  • Becca said:

    Be still my beating heart. That is all.

  • Lorna said:

    I think on the Kate's (Middleton & Moss) V Lorna, my dress wins! Technically only one dress with a cloud skirt attachment ;-)
    I love the photograph in the grounds at Greatfosters... I cannot wait to see the rest Jodie! So excited!

  • Carolyn said:

    Wow Jodie - these are just incredible. Just goes to show that you can shove all the details you like into a wedding, but sometimes nothing's more beautiful than the bride!

  • Claire said:

    Stunning! I neeeeeed to see more. Beautiful girl, dress, photos. Wow.