Film Friday | Ten bucks for a Polaroid camera

Whilst out in the states for a shoot in September, G and I took a little trip to our favourite flea market in LA. It’s stock full of bric-a-brac, from vintage clothes through to jukeboxes. My idea of heaven.

I picked up a new Polaroid camera whilst there. Already being the owner of two of these cameras (and with the official Polaroid film stock being discontinued), it was a bit of an unnecessary purchase and I had no idea if it would work. But I couldn’t get over what good condition it was in, as well as coming with the original box and manual. It was also a Polaroid format I hadn’t tried before. And for $10? It was worth the risk.

I had toyed with the idea of a Fuji Instax which a lot of people have embraced since Polaroid ended their film production.  They give a similar sort of look with the white border, but I could never quite see myself taking pictures with something that looked like a giant Fisher Price camera. It was taking the term “toy camera” a little too literally for me.  The Impossible Project have bought up a lot of the old Polaroid machines and chemicals, and whilst the first batch of film isn’t quite up to scratch in my opinion, it does mean that my Polaroid cameras will not gather dust.  They will be used and loved.

I love the Spectra camera and the rectangular view it gives.  It’s a joy to use and I love the self-timer function….It means I can actually prove I was there!


And that last shot….? At said flea market, we also fell in love with a jukebox. A Wurlitzer from 1957. It arrived last week, all the way from California. Shake, rattle and roll, anyone??


This winter I’m getting to grips with the above beauty.  Large format photography has been on my to-do list for a while. The camera is from the 1890s and is completely manual. I take a picture by removing the lens-cap, counting the seconds of exposure before replacing the cap. It will be partly guess-work and take me forever to set up just one shot. I can’t wait.

  • serena said:

    I absolutely adore this last shot of your cat. Wish I could stretch like that! Wonderful light and shade. Loving your Film Friday posts, I am always eagerly awaiting the next!

  • Love seeing shots of cameras! Great to hear you want to get into large format Jodie, that's exactly what I want to do this winter!! I hear it's not easy. Look forward to seeing your shots when you've done some!!

  • I miss shooting with my Polaroid - It died and went to heaven :(

    Really like that shot with the Rolliflex, SX-70 and Minolta(?), has a wicked retro look to it.

    Large format ROCKS! Enjoy it!