Film Friday | Positano

Ever since watching Only You as an impressionable teenager, Positano has been high up on my wish-list of places to see. I have a tendency to over-hype things in my head, but this is one place that didn’t disappoint. It has to be the most beautiful place I have ever visited. The cobbled streets, the steep and winding steps, the gelato, the houses carved out of the hills, the start of our love affair with Super 8… I will never forget our three day sojourn in this devilishly romantic town.

I shot my first ever rolls on the Contax here. The result is a mixed bag, and the above shots reflect the colours that come from different films (Portra & Centuria) and my beginner’s knowledge of using a portable light meter. It’s this constant experimentation with new cameras and techniques that keeps me passionate about what I do. What I love about film is that nothing beats the moment when you see your holiday pictures weeks later. The immediacy of digital has stolen that glorious anticipation and made us think that seeing & deleting is what we want. I say no. That’s not for me. Good things come to those who wait.

  • serena said:

    These photographs belong to a different era with their dreamy pastel colors. So beautiful. I absolutely love your film work. Always makes me forget myself for a minute. That shot of the balcony is a world of its own. Wouldn't mind living there...

  • Greg said:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. Just imagine all your photography on film...

  • Brilliant!! Love the one of Greg and the super 8 and the landscape. (were these the Portra?) Really beautiful!

  • Jackie said:

    Jodie, these are fabulous photos - what a beautiful place!

  • Julie said:

    Lovely, Jodie. Absolutely with you on the anticipation that film brings. I love surprises!

  • thomas said:

    Greg is such a handsome chap, I'd go so far as to say a quintessential dashing gent.

  • Chien-Wen said:

    You look so beautiful! And Positano looks pretty good too :) Beautiful beautiful work.

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