Film Friday | Polaroid ~ From the streets of Manhattan to a pool in Palm Springs

Last week I was in NYC for a portrait shoot.  Those of you who are regular visitors to the blog will know that I have always nurtured a very public love affair with this city.  I’m very fortunate to have a brother and sister who have both made their lives in New York, so I’ve been able to see the places that Time Out doesn’t tell you about.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been back, but I’ve never lost my passion for photographing this incredible place.

After the portrait shoot (which went brilliantly and was so much fun), G and I spent a few days relaxing by the pool at our favourite place in Palm Springs. It always feels like we’re on the set for a Frank Sinatra movie whenever we’re there and so I dressed accordingly in my favourite vintage frocks.

For the photographers among you, the first four shots were taken using the beautiful TZ-Artistic Polaroid film, sadly now out of production.  The bottom two were from a first-flush batch of the Impossible Project’s new PX-70 Color Shade film, specially made for SX-70 cameras.  I bought a few boxes at the Impossible Project’s New York office and shot Palm Springs to death. As the films are made with expired chemicals, they all have a blue tint and prove challenging to expose, but then that’s half the fun.

filmfriday170910-polaroidNow my sun-kissed self is home, I have a busy few weeks coming up with some gorgeous weddings including one in Paris, as well as lots of engagement shoots and lots of album-designing.  Now to fix myself a cocktail…