Film Friday | Ibiza

This month I went to Ibiza. I took Greg back to the beautiful Es Cucons, where I photographed a gorgeous wedding last summer. Our raving days behind us, we spent our time relaxing by the pool, reading books, missing our outbound flight, sneaking inside to watch the Royal Wedding (ok, just me..), eating some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, getting lost many times, and having a photo shoot of our very own. It was a lot of fun.


  • love these so beautiful lucky things, can't wait to see your shoot too...

  • serena said:

    How beautiful! I love the faint, delicate tones. I love the shot of the table and chairs. And you two look so perfect. Can't wait to see "your very own shoot". So glad you had a lovely time on the Mediterranean. What a gorgeous set of Polaroids!

  • Ahh Jodie you are too gorgeous!! Beautiful set of pics and look forward muchly to seeing Polly's! x