Film Friday | Californ-i-a

Yesterday I received back my holiday pictures.  I love that moment of ripping open the packet, seeing the first picture on top of the pile and feeling that little skip of a heartbeat as I wonder what will come next.  I find it sad that with most people now using digital cameras for snaps, they’ve lost that little pinch of excitement that comes with waiting. I took very few digital images on this trip, wanting to use as much film as possible.  I deliberately waited a while to send them off for processing as a little bit of an experiment.  That trip was two months ago and no longer the present.  It’s very much the past and exists only as a memory.  Seeing these pictures now brings back lots of little moments from the trip that I’d forgotten.

Even better, I get to put them straight into an album….something digital has {almost} killed off.

Good things come to those who wait.

filmfriday-0511filmfriday-051110-21FYI these shots are straight out of camera with just a little dust cloning in Photoshop. If I had posted digital images straight out of camera, they’d be flat as a pancake. I heart film.

  • Jess said:

    Wow those blues are amazing!
    I am sad that I don't use photo albums anymore :(

  • These are great! Shooting film is always so much more satisfying for me. And time saving when it comes to editing.

    PS: your work is awesome!

  • amanda byram said:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! These make me squeal with delight!!!! And even more excited than ever for you to capture my wedding day. ;) x

  • Greg Chapman said:

    Great memories, captured like I remember them. California and Palm Springs was made for film. Amazing photos!

  • Joanne Kendall said:

    Just stopping by and I have to say that all of your work is absolutely amazing, but I especially like the film photos!

  • Oh I love these Jodie! They remind me of childhood holiday photos that are a bit sunbleached. The blue sky looks amazing! What camera did you use?

  • Hans said:

    I love the true colors shown by film. I have a "new" 1960's Rolleiflex 2.8F I am planning on bringing with me to Palm Springs in January. Is there a photographic dealer there I may be interested in visiting who carries older equipment? Thanks, and keep shooting.