California in black and white


I’ve made no secret of my love for black and white.

I loved visiting my favourite place and documenting it in monochrome. California is a state that is famous for colour, vibrance and fun. The palms and cacti are usually shown in brilliant green, but I love seeing the simplicity in the lines and form that black and white adds. Although I always have the time of my life when I visit this sunshine state, there is always a realisation that the trip will end and these sights and pictures will simply become memories. Black and white can have a touch of melancholy.

I don’t know when I’ll be seeing you again, California, but you’re in my thoughts today.


Captured on film

  • Rosie said:

    Love these, Jodie. Gorgeous tones.

  • Ed Taylor said:

    Great compositions. Need to dig out that 35mm!

  • Lovely images, Jodie. I still hanker after my old film cameras and sitting in a darkroom under a red safelight sniffing developer!