An English Country Garden Wedding

There’s something about an English country garden wedding. The Pimms, the hats, the sight of guests in top hats trudging across fields. It’s classically British and oh so lovely to photograph.

Captured on film and digital

  • Greg said:

    Beautiful work as always. No doubt they are over the moon with what you captured.

  • A lovely classic wedding. I love the image as the bride is walking past the camera playing with her hair.

  • Beautiful - I just adore the one of the bride and her veil x

  • Ahhh, I love those colours. I haven't seen a plain, simple, white and cream wedding in so long - the blogs seem to be full of bright and bold and colourful weddings at the moment - no bad thing, but sometimes too try-hard, if you know what I mean, and ironically they all end up looking similar! But the elegance of the photos above is a real winner in my book.

  • Oleesha said:

    Lovely set of images, great use of available light.

  • Wedding Sparrow said:

    Such a beautiful wedding Jodie! Your images are really something else. Love film! Xo

  • Beautiful marquee weddings. Love the black and whites but the vibrancy of the marquee at night is amazing.