Aimee & Gary | The night before ~ good food, wine & a beautiful sunset

The night before Aimee and Gary got married in Provence, they enjoyed a meal with all their guests at the venue’s restaurant, Le Jardin dans les Vignes, which translates to “The Garden in the Grapevines”.  It was as beautiful as its name, and provided a spread of gorgeous food.  If there’s one thing the French know, it’s how to lay on good food and wine.

A short while into the evening, the music began. The Gypsy Queens are an acoustic band currently based in Cannes, but with members hailing from across Europe.  They started playing as they walked down the hill to the restaurant, so the music grew louder and louder until they arrived and launched straight into song.  They went from table to table, taking requests and singing and playing live with zero amplification.  They suited the relaxed nature of the evening beautifully.

Every single one of these images was taken without flash.  Using available light as much as possible allows me to capture portraits naturally and unnoticed.  To me, flash kills the atmosphere.

The weather stayed warm until the dinner ended just after midnight. Everybody was merry with wine and the sunset provided a spectacular view.  It wasn’t even the official wedding day, but everything was pretty much perfect.

aimeegary-dinner-1aimeegary-dinner-2aimeegary-dinner-3aimeegary-dinner-4aimeegary-dinner-5I love a grainy sunset.



  • Greg said:

    These are phenomenal Jodie. I love your use of natural light. I don't see any other wedding photographers who capture light and atmosphere like you do. Amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the New York shoot.

  • Steph said:

    The thing I love about your photos, is that you actually feel you were present on the day, and you feel as if you are witnessing it all first hand...truly magical. Greg's right, you are super talented and so unique. x

  • Beautiful Jodie. I can't get enough of those wide colour shots at night. The second to last one is a killer shot!!

  • What beautiful images, I esp. love the musicians and how they 'roam' amongst the guests. You can also tell everyone is having such a great time with good wine and lots of chat.