2011 | The year that was

When it comes to being a photographer, 2011 was a pretty fantastic year. I met some incredible people, photographed some beautiful events, and feel I have grown both creatively and as a person. I’m a passionate person, and I hope my work always reflects that. The reason I shoot mainly weddings is because I love capturing people; whether it’s tears or laughter, a wedding day involves a ton of different emotions, and I feel it a privilege that I am asked to document and create something special. A huge thank you goes to all my 2011 clients, who I have loved working with and photographing. Also a big thank you to those in the industry who help to get my images out there. I love that you love my work.

2012 is already shaping up to be a busy year, from weddings through to workshops, through to more trips to California, New York,  a week in Morocco, and getting to grips with my large format camera. I’m still in the midst of some beautiful winter weddings, and I’m looking forward to a little break after January when I can relax and recharge for next year. I still feel that my best work is ahead of me. Roll on 2012.

To my 2012 clients, I’m looking forward to creating some magic of your very own.



  • Jemma said:

    Another year of beautiful images, such a joy to look at. Roll on 2012 indeed! X

  • Greg said:

    You really did have an amazing year Jodes. I've loved seeing your work on the blog. I still get blown away and even more frequently the second half of 2011 as your film work became more prevalent. You are such a talent and I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to see what you capture and create in 2012. Gx

  • Lulu said:

    Beautiful, beautiful!!!!! xx

  • Blinding set of images Jodie, colour and emotion all the way! Really look forward to seeing your film and other work next year!