My clients

Let’s start at the very beginning, with Gemma and Stuart.

One of my very first couples, Gemma and Stuart recommended me to Ali and Elaine.

Who in turn, led me to Aimee and Gary in the South of France…

…who then led me to the wedding of Lorna and Dave, which I photographed in sunny June.

I love that I never know where a client relationship will lead. This job has taken me in so many different directions, meeting people from such diverse walks of life. I’ve photographed bankers, builders, entrepreneurs, musicians, wedding planners, film nerds, teachers, photographers, I.T. crowds, gardeners, lawyers, charity workers, scientists, art curators, policemen, doctors, firemen, car salesmen and mad men. But they all have one thing in common: a love they share with their favourite person. And I’m the one they invited to document that love.

To all my clients who have recommended me to friends, family and colleagues, a huge thank you.

You are one of the main reasons why I love my job so much.

  • Alexa said:

    Love! And who knows where that client trail will lead next! PS The reason I came onto your blog tonight was to find our photos so I could show Caro as I was raving about them to her.... Will always always cherish our images x

  • Lorna said:

    I love this! We couldn't be happier that Aimee and Gary recommended you - we love our photos! So a big THANK YOU you to them and the other couples who came ahead of them in the chain.